the caregiver received  (Life) posté le mardi 16 juillet 2013 06:03

By Daniel O. Tully

Millions of Americans are currently caring for an elderly family member or friend at home, without receiving regular compensation. Depending on the circumstances, however, it may actually be beneficial for both parties to enter into a care contract wherein the caregiver accepts payment for the care they are providing their loved one and also formally assumes responsibility for that care.

For example, as the loved ones you are caring for reach a point where nursing homes placement is the only option, all of their money will be considered available to pay for their care at the nursing home and they will not be eligible for Medicaid assistance until all of their assets have been depleted. Certainly the care they were provided by you, while they remained in the community, is just as valuable to them and worthy of payment as that they will be provided with it the nursing home. With a care contract in place, they can pay the caregiver and every penny will count toward their “Medicaid spend down” should they apply for benefits.

Having a care contract in place also ensures Medicaid will not impose penalties on the money received by the caretaker. Sometimes an elderly person will randomly give sums of money to their caregivers as payment for the care they provide.

Without a contract in place, Medicaid will assume the money transferred as a “gift” or a “transfer of assets” and will impose penalties resulting in ineligibility for Medicaid benefits.

From a caregiver’s perspective, although they are willing to provide services for free, it is often difficult for them when at the time of their loved one’s passing; the caregiver receives the same inheritance as the other heirs, many whom have not been involved in caring for the loved one. On the flip side, if a caregiver is receiving payment and there is no contract in place that defines the care they have been working hard at providing, other heirs may be upset by the additional monies the caregiver received.

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Whirlwind name this past fall  (Life) posté le vendredi 12 juillet 2013 05:36

The girls of Whirlwind Volleyball club are not spending the Independence Day holiday hanging around the pool, eating barbecue and watching fireworks from the backyard. Instead, the club’s three youth teams are in Dallas, sweating inside hot gyms in search of national recognition. The under-16, under-14 and under-13 teams will be at the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Tournament, which starts with pool play today through Tuesday before elimination play begins.

“It means a lot because I’ve only been playing for two years,” said Reilly Atkinson, a Binghamton eighth-grader on the under-14 team. “It’s one of those things you never think you would be able to do, but to do it so early in my playing career it’s really cool to be able to do and represent our area.”

The under-14 team is led by Breanna Horton, 23, in her first year as a coach after playing at Owego Free Academy and SUNY Brockport. Horton’s mother, Pam, has coached Owego’s modified and junior varsity teams for years; Breanna’s sister, Brittany, is the head coach of the under-16 squad.

“We had multiple meetings and talked about who should coach,” Whirlwind Coach Director Rashinda Reed said.

“The Horton family has been part of volleyball for years.”

For years, the region’s volleyball talent was split between Vestal Volleyball Club and Win City before they consolidated under the Whirlwind name this past fall.

“I felt there are so many talented girls on our teams,” said Reed, who also is an assistant coach for Binghamton University’s volleyball program. “The town we live in isn’t conducive to three or two teams. I felt it was better to bring all the girls together.

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Lonely fish  (Emotion) posté le mercredi 27 février 2013 10:42

I like the fish, like their stand aloof from worldly success; like their carefree and content; like their smart elegant; like their quiet.

Had a few carp, sometimes in the water chase; sometimes cluster around; sometimes leaped lightly. Splashes pieces splash; sometimes lying underwater not words do not move fly-mouse.html.

With the passage of time, the aquarium fish less and less, only two. They swim alone, sometimes head together, sometimes just swim alone.

After a few days, and dead one, the remaining one, was quietly swim. Sometimes, so quiet stay, sunlight streamed through the window, Shi Shi however and in the water. It is in the sun, as if a generation had passed like quiet and respectful. Are you lonely? My dear fish.

The fish, it is also lonely, so only to swim the way to express the lonely. But the fish put all lonely, deep in the water. Including its tears, including it turned slowly wither.

You when it is their own, and it is not their own, it is what it is. When it is a fish, but it is not a fish. You understand the beauty of the lonely fish pc-remotes.html.

Hui said: " you are not fish, you know that the fish is happy? " Chuang-tzu said: " the son, know I do not know the fish is happy? " Fish, you know?

The fish is lonely, alone carrying one's joys and sorrows, companion, lonely; no companion, even more lonely! But this alone, make the fish is perfect; the lonely, shows the refined fish. It alone in enjoying the days of high Niaofei, with Yu Yue-wide of joy. Qianshan bird flew away how? Nobody trail and why? Wandering alone in between heaven and earth, indulge in the flower brook alone, enjoy the only pity grass Jian side of life, enjoy the mountains as silent as the pacific ... ...

A person walking in the summer, the heart cool like fish. It 's lonely, against the background of my loneliness. Don't struggle, does not distinguish, quietly, lonely, silent. Perhaps, only silence can explain everything. Perhaps only the fish know the noble silence. Because the time will be acceptance of everything. Whether happy or sad, whether happy or sad, everything will eventually past airmouse.html.

Fish, in this small space any volatile with grief and joy of their own, sorrow and joy. Although lonely, but to the extreme. So the life of wandering around alone together, happy, the fragrance alone. Although the water dispersion fish alone, but the fish is still lonely, because the fish know, travel where they could not swim into one's heart. We must learn to bear alone lonely! And I also have to learn to look at the scenery alone, and watch the singing ... ...

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Life is a know  (Life) posté le mercredi 20 février 2013 09:56

Cut a piece of the fleeting time, holding a warm hand all the way. The day of the most insipid into carding poetic landscape.

When I was small, thought that the stars in the sky is always so bright, the moon is round, life is always sunny, full of joy and happiness. After growing up, witnessed too much grief at separation and joy in union. About life, about love, about commitment, such as the clouds of the past. Slowly know, life is happy to have pain, stories have begun to have an end. Years is a cycle, the life is a kind of experience. Growth will make people learn to strong, after going through a lot, we can better understand life, understand life, learn to live Baby wear online need know some advise.

Slowly just know, life may not be everything is going smoothly., you may be experiencing the pain of love, also may be experiencing life decline. Or more of life sufferings. But whether you are happy, or sad to the extreme, must learn to put down, when you grip your hands, nothing inside, when you open your hands, you can embrace the world. Lay down is a kind of freedom, is a kind of Epiphany, is a kind of wisdom of life.

Down, calm the mind, the life will also be in smooth water, fate will not always sides with you, also won't always ignore you. It is the time for you to shut the door, will open a window, as you learn to let go, your life will click into place, life can be peaceful moonlit night.

Slowly just know, in life there is always a heartbeat met. There is always someone to teach you how to love, has become a passer-by in your life. There is always someone who allows you the most pain deep in the most beautiful laugh. There is always a person let you have a look back, that person is in the dim light moved, also there is a person to let you would like to have a heart, without any deviation definitely. With your hand, and grow old with you to give you a lifetime of happiness.

Love, like grip in the hands of the sand, you hold tight it will lose. The Buddha said, people should not be too much, not too much things, usually too as fate is bound, as early as. The happiest thing in life is to turn around, find the person you love is loving you, loving a person like light, and then gently put in the heart, love a person very well, and then to the old generation after generation.

Slowly just know, old menstrual afford many wait, many people have no time to say goodbye and left, a lot of things haven't been able to do has become the past. In life, who had never hurt, pain, loss, regret. Not all of the past will know, not all people are hurrying to and fro. Have deep. But the original, discrete Qianfan after but is the most common in the world buy from baby clothes online.

For every hand can hold a sincere, loving every eye can see a warm. Sometimes, the moment is eternal, recollections of life. Cherish every time. The vicissitudes of time when the love has become the song. In life, leaving only the warm and touching.

Slowly just know, life is not a rehearsal, every man has a wonderful. Not all will be perfect. You can not pretty but must have training. You can not gentle but it must be good. You can not smart enough to know how to learn. You can not ideal but must learn to fight. You can very ordinary, but it must be very hard. You can not strong enough but after crying also remember to smile. You can't change your life but must try to change their. Learn the simple gratitude, warm smile.

One world, a leaf a bodhi tree, a smile face edge, a clean. Slowly know, what is just and red. See through but life is impermanent, love watching broke but is gather. Everything is going, as long as the best.

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In those years, I never forget  posté le samedi 02 février 2013 04:08

Live near school, after dinner I always like to walk in the playground on the campus, listening to the campus unique ringtones, dxxa02 index looked at the students in groups of three and four laughter came from my side, the air seems to be filled with a fresh and elegant taste, the mood was also click into place business gift.

Remember once had a section about youth imprint is engraved on my heart. In the past, grow, abbottko beetty staring at the back, only to find themselves have become extremely lonely.

People meet, is sometimes, I always believe doomed fate, my heart has been in hiding heavy moved, to me, you who is the most beautiful scenery in my life, together we deduce a brilliant youth gift & premium.

At that time, we are the admiring the " Three Musketeers". Be jubilant, hold hands to go shopping, running in the rain play slapstick, sit talk of everything under the sun on the grass, then we follow like a shadow, sinlinna home commitment to the life guard this friendship.

I want to say is the fate, so we be most willing to tied together. I don't know how lucky, you can get together, remember I like drink litchi taste milk tea, in every time I wayward temper without eating, quietly lay handed to me when I was ill, will even lazy when, I finished washing the clothes airing, will be confound at in my stomach,. I always remember, once stomach trouble again, I really unbearable pain in the dormitory to tumbling, you hate for me was not hurt, together when I want to go to the hospital, I desperately to break free, you but, want to ask the teacher to persuade me, I shout oneself hoarse shouting: " today, if who go out from the door, and John, and not friends. You are my stubborn scared, who also dare not move, only tears looked at me silently, from time to time asked me want to eat what I cannot describe how many suffering day and night in three years, xidn yfesx how do you have with a worried heart walk with me, but I remember the residue to bring my strength in my palm strong temperature. I know I owe you a thank you and sorry . I rack one's brains, tilting the magnificent Language, but found that the feeble in front of friendship premium gifts.

We had a longing for the fairy tale of love, and later, we all have oneself likes, you just put on the most tangled story is TV, three personal feelings, I is a party be outraged by an injustice, but let the other people hate, some people say that I am standing itemtypeid life in the central balance tilted friendship said end, so, we each Ann Tianya.

Who sang: " together discrete are sometimes, nothing will go down to posterity. ", lotus has even silk, who abandoned the linger, who ignored who smile, my friendship is buried deep in the dust, childish I once thought that life is in fact it doesn't matter who are missing. Ten years later I found that time than anyone else I care about premium gifts.

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